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Source: Kokomo Tribune

Tanker truck hits house after crash

Fire crews spend hours stabilizing structure

By Scott Smith
Tribune staff writer

— A tanker truck carrying about 600 gallons of gasoline plowed into a house at the intersection of Main and Hoffer streets just before 11 a.m. Monday, knocking the house off its foundation.

Kokomo Fire Department spokesman Nick Glover said KFD crews spent about 2.5 hours shoring up the structure before the tanker, which didn’t catch fire, could be removed.

Kokomo police said the driver of a 2007 Buick Lucerne, Jack Sutton, was northbound on Main Street and disregarded a stop sign.

Glover said the truck and the car collided, sending the truck barreling into the southeast corner of the two-story house at 1731 S. Main St., which sits on the northwest corner of the intersection.

The tanker truck is built to hold up to 2,000 gallons of fuel, but wasn’t full.

Two residents were inside the home when the truck hit, and both escaped injury, Glover said.

The house was moved about 10 inches to 12 inches off its foundation, making it unlikely the structure can be salvaged, Glover said.

“You’re probably looking at demolition. We made it stable for the time being, to at least give the residents time to go in and get their belongings. All of the utilities are shut off,” he said.

The fire department’s structural collapse team did the shoring work, he added.

The Indiana State Police Motor Carrier Division is assisting Kokomo police in the investigation, which remains ongoing. Anyone with additional information regarding this investigation is asked to contact Officer Orville Harness at 765-459-5101 or the Kokomo Police Department Hotline at 765-456-7017.


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