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Source: Kokomo Herald

Stories with Heroes

By Jenn Goad

Local heroes are coming together with the Kokomo Howard County Public Library to promote literacy and community trust.

Through Sept. 13 and 14, KHCPL will host “Stories with Heroes,” a special storytime event for preschool-aged children. The event provides an opportunity for children to hear stories read by firefighters and police officers and to interact with the local heroes.
HEROES READ — Scott Burnett, Kevin Cox, Adam Goff, Derek Pounds, Nick Hedrick, Scott Plough, Fire Chief Nick Glover
“We do storytimes on a regular basis, and we wanted to do one to recognize our local heroes,“ said Lisa Fipps, director of marketing for KHCPL.

Though KHCPL provides a variety of themed storytime events, this is the first year of combining efforts with firefighters and officers.

The two-day storytime event will consist of book readings by members of local law enforcement and the fire department. Children will be able to intermingle with firefighters and officers and see their vehicles up close. Ellie the K9 also will be available to greet young tots at the Russiaville library.

Fipps said the overall goal of the occasion is to promote literacy in an interesting manner as a way of preparing children for kindergarten. Additionally, another purpose of the event is to familiarize youngsters with local first responders and build a foundation of trust while showing respect and honor to the men and women who protect the city.

Fipps hopes children will enjoy the educational experience and develop a greater understanding of the heroes’ duty to protect the community.

“Sometimes when a child has to see a firefighter or police officer, it’s because something bad has happened,” said Fipps. “If they meet them on a friendly basis long before they ever need them then they’re a lot more apt to feel comfortable and feel consoled and comforted during an emergency situation. So it’s a win for the kids on a lot of different levels.”

Fire Chief Nick Glover said the event is a way to positively influence children’s’ outlook on officers, firefighters, and the like.

“I know that kids look up to policeman and firefighters as role models, and it’s good to reinforce that,” said Chief Glover. “It helps build that relationship, so when down the road these kids start to become teenagers and young adults, there’s already that relationship built with authority.”

Folks are encouraged to bring their children to “Stories with Heroes” and take part in the occasion. The storytime will take place Sept. 13 at 10 am at KHCPL South branch, Sept. 13 at 2 p.m. at KHCPL Main branch, and Sept. 14 at 11 am at KHCPL in Russiaville.

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