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Source: Kokomo Perspective

Glover named chief of Kokomo Fire Department

By Pat Munsey

The Kokomo Fire Department has a new chief.

Nick Glover was named to the top spot on July 9 after the recommendation from Mayor Greg Goodnight was accepted by the Kokomo Board of Works and Public Safety. Former chief Pat O’Neill stepped down from the post and accepted a position as battalion chief.

Glover, who has served as deputy chief overseeing the city’s code inspection services department, said that his first days in the position will be spent exploring for ways to protect the public better.

“We’re looking at some things that could be done more efficiently,” said Glover. “We need to do some more study, and I’m still putting together office staff. There are a couple movable parts that I need to take care of. There are different theories about how to man fire departments, and we’ll be looking at those.

“When it comes to fire protection, it’s largely geographically based. As far as where stations and trucks are located, there is not a whole lot to do. The way we deploy and our tactics shouldn’t change, in my opinion, but the way trucks are manned is something we will look at.”

O’Neill’s departure ends his five-year tenure atop the department he joined 36 years ago. He will return to the rank of battalion chief on the third platoon to assist Glover until he formally retires from the fire department in January 2016.

“From the day I started in 1978, I have considered it an honor to serve on the Kokomo Fire Department,” said O’Neill. “It has been a privilege to work alongside the brave men and women of this department who train and work every day in service to the residents of the community. I intend to retire in January of 2016, and I wanted to help guide the new chief to ensure a fluid transition. I have the utmost respect and confidence in Nick Glover. He is the best choice to be the next chief of the KFD.”

Glover said he expected Chris Hall, who serves as battalion chief over code inspection services, will take on the enforcement arm that effort, which Glover held before the promotion. He added that he anticipates remaining acutely involved in code enforcement from the chief’s office.

Glover has been with Kokomo Fire Department since 1995, serving as EMT, captain, fire inspector, and deputy fire chief. In his most recent capacity as Deputy Chief, Glover spearheaded the city’s code enforcement and inspection services departments. But in this new role, he is relieved to have a wealth of knowledge remaining on the force as the department transitions.

“The best benefit I get from this is, even though I’ve been the deputy chief for the last couple years, there were things I wasn’t privy to,” said Glover. “When a situation arises that I haven’t seen, O’Neill will be there for me to ask.

“Past chief are sometimes called for consultation. I’ve seen Pat call Dave Duncan or talk to Joe Zuppardo, who works with our code enforcement team. It’s nice to have that knowledge with us. I value the work Pat has done and continues to do on behalf of the department.”

Goodnight was similarly grateful for O’Neill’s five years of service as chief.

“I want to thank Chief O’Neill for his dedication and service to our city,” said Goodnight. “His decision to assist the new chief, and his thoughtful timing of that decision, is a reflection of his commitment to the best interest of the department. Chief O’Neill has led the KFD through a restructuring of manpower, the construction of two new fire stations, and the department taking control of code enforcement and inspection services duties. The department has been made more efficient under his leadership."

Upon being sworn into office, Nick Glover became the 34th chief of the Kokomo Fire Department. He and his wife, Christy, have four children. They reside on the south side of Kokomo. Glover is a 1991 graduate of Kokomo High School and a Navy veteran.

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