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Source: Kokomo Tribune

Chlorine fog caused roads to be shut down

By staff reports

The fog of chlorine which hovered over the Kokomo Waste Water Treatment Plant Wednesday morning causing Markland and Park avenues to be closed was due to minor overflow and not an actual chlorine leak, the City of Kokomo reported.

Kokomo police officers blocked off Markland between Park Avenue and Berkley Road while Kokomo firefighters arrived to access the possible hazardous materials situation.

A city spokesperson said construction (putting in new screens), at the plant caused a minor chlorine overflow and as a precaution officials treated it as if it were a leak.

A small cloud of gas was released but it dissipated within a half mile of the plant to safe levels. Traffic was diverted from the area until firefighters could determine it was safe.

Officials were alerted to the situation at 10 a.m. The roads were re-opened at about 10:30 a.m.

No buildings or homes were evacuated and the chlorine cloud dissipated shortly later.

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