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Source: Kokomo Perspective

Legacy Financial maintains Kokomo history

Alyx Arnett | Posted: Thursday, July 25, 2013 8:23 am

Fire Station No. 4, now Legacy Financial Group, doesn’t house fire trucks anymore, but the legacy of the fire station lives on.

When new owner Tina Williams moved in, one of her hopes was to keep the building looking a little bit like the fire station. With the help of Scott Pitcher of Fortune Management, her goal was met — and exceeded.

“What’s really cool about it is it’s the old fire station, and being able to remodel it as a business and not demolish it is what we wanted,” said Ryan Williams of Legacy Financial Group, which moved from its location at 1958 W. Boulevard to the old fire station at 2626 S. Webster St. on April 25.Legacy Financial

Along with keeping some of the integrity of the fire station in place, Pitcher incorporated several aspects of Kokomo’s history in the building — including Kokomo brick and Kokomo Opalescent Glass.

In addition to Kokomo-made products, salvaged material was incorporated throughout the building, including 121-year-old tin from an old bank that was used in the ceiling, an old piano that was remade into Legacy’s front desk, and re-purposed marble from countertops that was used in the flooring.

The best part about the remodel, Williams said, is all of the history in the building.

“If I had to give one answer of what we like so much, I think it’s the history behind it because so many times nowadays people just go in and completely demolish a building, but it’s really neat to see somebody like (Pitcher) coming in with all these old pieces and cleaning them up and making them look like a million bucks,” he said.

Since opening, Williams said clients have been commenting on the unique design of the business.

“The clients are amazed that somebody had this much Kokomo brick and someone had this idea to bring it inside and use it on the interior,” he said, pointing out the brick that covers several walls.

As far as the piano counter, Williams said that gets a lot of inquiries, too.

“People look at it and say it looks like something out of a church, and we try to make them guess what it was,” he said.

With the unique and comfortable atmosphere, Williams said the building is just what they were looking for. “It’s really important for us for our clients to feel like they’re not coming into a real sterile environment. We want them to feel comfortable when they come in, and we think they do,” he said.

For Pitcher, the building wasn’t the first fire station he worked to remodel into a business. Pitcher transformed Fire Station No. 1 into Bolinger Law Firm and the original Fire Station No. 2 into Awesome Air.

Pitcher said with this fire station, it was built well enough that he was able to use materials that wouldn’t be practical in other buildings.

“That fire station in particular was built phenomenally well, so the structure would hold heavy masonry materials on the inside. That’s why we decided to use them,” he said. “That opportunity is rather rare, and when you can use exterior grade material like that on the inside it has a huge architectural impact.”

The Kokomo bricks that were used in the building came from a building that collapsed on North Union Street a couple years ago. The tin came from Knox, Ind., and the other materials that were used came from throughout Kokomo and Logansport.

“We’re really happy with the way it turned out. (Williams) was renting a beautiful office before this, so we had to make this even better. We think we’ve accomplished that,” Pitcher said.

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